To do this Summer with your kids – Give the Key to Success

Big reveal: What is the single most important key to success? Etiquette! I know families who have spreadsheets for each child, ticking off academics and sports achievement, yet forget to teach and model even so much as saying “Good morning” or “Please.” How likely is this to work? Unfortunately, the majority of children today have even less training! They arrive to the workforce thinking they are the king of the universe — just like a two year old does. Then they wonder why they can’t hold down a job, keep a rental situation, or have friends. DON’T LET THIS BE YOUR CHILD! Train them in basic social skills. It is called etiquette.

Give a listen. It’s light, but it will be surprising, revealing!

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More Things to Do with Kids This Summer

You all like the first episode of our “Things to do with Kids (er or children) this Summer” so here is more.

By the way, if you need something to cool down, relax, settle in, chill, as they say, try Wholetones. Instrumental music, with the science behind the binaural beat craze, but also with a connection to King David — a different key! I really do think it is healing. I recommend you check it out. For the whole family. Grandmother who says she is getting nervous will like it. Those competing in the workplace and hence are tired will like it. The kids may tolerate it — and I think you will find a positive difference. Play it in your house and see. Look over to the right hand column and click through.

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To Do This Summer: Learn the Bible! Here is How!

If you have to look something up in the Bible, would you know where? Or would you have to turn to the table of contents? Would you resort to flipping pages? Oh no! This short intro will give you a basic orientation. This is a great activity to do with your children while staying inside, out of the heat, and in the air conditioning — which is what we are doing in Texas right now. Have fun!

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