Testimony of Shelby Ring

I want to have you hear Shelby’s testimony. She gave this December 2008. What amazes me is how deeply she was into trouble – even though her parents were right there. And they are great people!

Last week I met a woman who has done some work on the streets with kids. She says she wants to start talking with parents to let them know that we are in an emergency situation. I know that there is a new initiative with pastors in this area to fight sex trafficing — AMONG CHILDREN WHO LIVE AT HOME!!!!

Let’s wake-up and connect with the young people. It has been said that any society is only one generation from barbarism. We are less than that. We must learn to connect, evangelize, and disciple the next generation. Please contribute your comments/

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Start School Off Right — With a Good Breakfast

Dr. Don Colbert MD, and Mrs. Mary Colbert were so sweet to talk with us about how to feed our children. They dropped by the studio via telephone in 2009. Texan children will begin their school year next week, while those in some states will do so later, and those in Canada not until September. Nevertheless, it is always a good time to think about starting right every day.

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End of Summer Spark Toward School: Critical Thinking

Don’t let the enemies of your child’s future be in charge of their thinking. You lead them into critical thinking. And connect that to faith. And do it now, in the summer. Make your children ready for school and life.
Thinking is a good thing. And don’t let anyone tell you that it is anti-thetical to faith.

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